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Over 20 Years of Coaching Experience

Dan Baker is one of the world's leading authorities upon strength and power training for sports athletes. A PhD in sports science specializing in the testing and training of strength and power, he has the scientific knowledge and practical know how to implement effective strength & power training for sports athletes.

Currently the President of the Australian Strength & Conditioning Association, Dan has over 20 years practical training experience with some of the world's most elite sporting organizations.

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Dan's Services


Do you want to update your coaches on the latest S&C techniques or have Dr. Baker speak at a workshop, symposium or conference? You came to the right place.

Dan is a dynamic and sought after lecturer and presenter who has presented in the USA, UK, South Africa, New Zealand as well as Australia.  Dan makes the science easy and tells it straight. The practical implementation is what it is all about.


S&C Publications by Dr. Baker

If you are looking for information to improve your strength & power training or sports performance, you have come to the right site.  There are a number of great free articles to download as PDFs, as well as numerous articles to purchase that might suit your specific needs.

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Recommended Products

Through his many years of training, Dan has found various tools that greatly assist his daily efforts in maximizing athletic strength and power. From workout equipment to instructional DVDs, you can purchase some of Dr. Baker's preferred training aids here.