The new Push V2 in Bar mode

Push now have a V2 version that allows you to place the Push device either on the barbell or it can still be worn on the forearm (if you are doing pull-ups, this will still need to be the case).  The benefit of Bar mode is that one Push device can be used on a barbell by a group of training partners in a seamless transition.  All you have to do is hit the Blue button either on the device itself (it will turn to Green when measuring) to Start and Stop measuring Or if you prefer, a training partner can hit the Start and Stop button on the IOS device you are using. This also makes it easier for people who have well ingrained set-up procedures for their key lifts (most advanced strength trainers).  You or a partner can hit the Start button on your IOS device, walk over to the platform, rack, bench etc. do your normal set-up, lift and then hit Green button on the device on the barbell when finished or again just walk back to your IOS device and hit Stop there.

It is pretty simple and a much appreciated development from the blokes at Push.  I show how simple it is in this 2-minute video while I am doing some RDL's - a lazy 10-reps with 100 kg.


Dan Baker