Dr. Dan Baker is an industry leading Educator and Mentor of Strength & Conditioning Coaches. Dan is a respected and sought after Educator of Strength & Conditioning Coaches because he makes the science easy and tells it straight. The practical implementation is what it is all about.  He is available for the following services:



Dan has presented extensively within Australia as well as South Africa, and in July 2008 presented at the US National Strength & Conditioning Conference in Las Vegas.  A dynamic speaker, he is noted for his exciting and extremely informative conference presentations.



This entails both lecture & practical elements and can serve as an in-house service to update your staffs Strength & Conditioning skills. Dan will take your team into the weight room for hands-on training sessions that provide actionable insights.


Program Reviews  

A review of a team’s entire strength & conditioning program, Physical Performance Department, or whatever aspects of it the coach needs reviewed.  This would be based against current Worlds Best Practice or Elite Sports Teams Standards.


Interested in any of the above services?