Welcome to Dan Baker’s Strength and Power Training

Dan Baker has been the strength and power training coach for the World Famous Brisbane Broncos Rugby League Team since October 1995.  But he also has an extensive coaching career including working with the Queensland Reds Rugby Union team, as well as coaching elite athletes in mixed marital arts (cage fighting), diving, soccer, netball, track & field and of course, powerlifting.

If you are looking for information to improve your strength and power training or sports performance you have come to the right site.  There are a number of great free articles to download as pdf’s, as well as numerous articles to purchase that might suit your specific needs.  Please visit the articles page regularly as both free and for-purchase articles are added regularly.

We also stock some great strength and power training aids such as our own brand of resistance bands, powerlifting belts, chin-up belts, lifting straps, abdominal slings for hanging ab exercises, Hanging Gym Handles (a suspended bodyweight training device similar to TRX, but only $65), flexibility/mobility bands, Mini-bands from Perform Better, Tiger Tail massage canes and the Manta Ray squat device.  Also available is the new DVD titled “How to use bands & chains for strength, power and muscle size” from this site and the fantastic DVD on bodyweight training is available at the ASCA site (www.strengthandcondtioning.org).  More products are being added, so please visit the products page regularly.

Need Dan’s services to update your own coaches or to speak at a workshop, symposium or conference?  Dan is a dynamic and sought after lecturer and presenter who has presented in the USA, UK, South Africa, New Zealand as well as Australia.  Please visit the services page to see the greatest product Dan can offer – his knowledge and experience.