$400AUD plus postage

I have been using various devices for measuring bar velocity and power since 1993 and PUSH is the best value for money one so far! $400 Australian + postage (typically $10 in Australia). Go to the order page and fill it out to order yours. Or read on to see why you should get one!

Velocity & power measurement no longer needs to be the domain of the high level Strength & Conditioning working in Pro & elite Olympic sports with big budgets!
Now with the PUSH Band, everyone can assess bar velocity & power (or jumping height) to monitor training adaptations and make informed decisions regarding immediate or future training content rather than just rely simply on sets, reps and weight data!

When ordering, let us know if you want the Large or Small forearm strap. 
Sizing info (measure the widest part of forearm, near your elbow)
Small Forearm Strap = 22-30 cm  Large Forearm Strap= 29-44 cm
Waist band for measuring jumps = Extra $100.

The Push band is worn on the forearm for most exercises

The Push band is worn on the forearm for most exercises

If you want more information, read some of my Blogs, posts or articles, or go to the PUSH home site (

BONUS - With every Push order, I will send a PDF of what I have sent to many top coaches worldwide, with heaps of velocity scores for different % of 1RM for squat, bench press, deadlift and so on.  It also includes heaps of tips on using the velocity measures gained from your Push to improve programming and coaching!