Lifting straps with grippy.jpg

Why use straps?

If you lose your grip on heavy hang power cleans, snatches, pulls, deadlifts or chins, use straps to ensure the workout of the big muscles is not circumvented by the weakness of the grip. Basically, if you don't have chalk or your shit gym won't let you use it (yeah, most commercial gyms will allow you to spread chalk all over the place, no worries at all…sarcasm intended), your fingers will give out before your legs or back are finished ~ then you need straps to help hold onto the bar. You need chalk or straps to pull heavy weights.

Our lifting straps now have extra "grippy neoprene" on the inside - this strengthens the strap and gives added "grip"!

How to use straps

Turn the tail towards the eye-hole and thread through, one to the left & right
The strap that was turned to the right is for the right hand and vice versa for the left.

The photos show how to put the straps together. When wrapping them around a bar, make sure the tail goes on the opposite side of the bar from your hand. Pull it in tight.