Chin-ups, pull-ups and dips are great bodyweight exercises but as you get stronger, then you need to add weight to truly get the overload.  So we have introduced our own belt to help our customers and athletes easily add weight during these exercises.

Just slide the chain through the bore hole of the weight plates and clip the carabiner clip to the “D” ring on the other side of the belt, pull the belt up over the waist and away we go!


And we have reinforced the strength of the chain by using a 7 or 8 mm carabiner clip and a split link instead of those piss-weak little clips that are typically used on chin/dips belts.  And we get the belt re-inforced by a sail & canopy maker! We do that because we want our belts STRONG! Like our athletes!



Because you need a strong belt if you want to use 40 kg for your chins, just like the Bronco in the photo above did for 10 reps!  the Bronco record when I was there was actually 50 kg x 10-reps, using these belts!