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Velocity Based Training (VBT) has taken the world of Strength and Conditioning by storm over the past 5 years. Interest in deploying objective metrics in the weight room to drive higher athlete buy-in, regulate training loads and volumes, and help rehab athletes effectively has exploded. Every day, more and more coaches want to take advantage of VBT but we all know that technology without education is ineffective.

This is why I’m launching this certification program to help build a group of exceptional coaches that are capable of effectively teaching the methods and applications of VBT. The goal of this Certified VBT Instructor Program is to ensure the highest levels of quality in education, and therefore implementation of VBT across the globe.


Program Highlights

The following section will cover the key features of this Certified VBT Instructor Program. I’ve structured this program to ensure that a) the Certified Instructors are fully versed in the details and science of VBT and b) that they are empowered to run clinics globally in their respective regions and countries. This program is launched in partnership with PUSH and we can count on their support in rolling out and developing this global program.

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INStructor training clinic

Step 1 of becoming certified involves attending a 3-day training program presented by Dan Baker. This training program will be hosted once a year with the inaugural event hosted in Toronto, Canada on May 18-20th.

This 3-day training program will focus on equipping you with everything you need to host and run a VBT clinic in your region. Dan Baker will take you through the history, present and past of VBT. PUSH will also provide a detailed walkthrough of its Band and Portal offerings as the tools of choice to utilize in your future clinics.

continuing education

Dan Baker will host quarterly conference calls to update all certified instructors on the latest research on VBT. These conference calls will be a great opportunity to connect and learn from other instructors on methods that they found effective in their clinics.

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marketing support

Dan Baker and PUSH will provide a tremendous amount of marketing and product support to enable you to host the best clinics in your region. You can expect social media support and backing from Dan Baker in advance of any clinics you host.

PUSH will provide you with unlimited Portal access as well as special discounts to enable you to create clinic packages that allow clients to leave your clinic with a VBT tool in their pocket, enabling them to truly adopt and utilize your teachings immediately.

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This 3-day seminar will focus on equipping you to learn everything you need to host your own certified clinics in the future. You will also get the opportunity to work with and get to know an incredible group of S&C coaches.

What to Expect:

  • High level VBT introduction

  • State of VBT

  • VBT practicals with a focus on the core lifts, Olympic lifts, auxiliary exercises

  • Shared experiences from past clinics

  • Team activities and social dinner with the instructors

  • Data analytics on the PUSH Portal

How much does this program cost?

For the inaugural event, PUSH has generously offered to cover all fees related to the 3-day seminar. All you need to do is get yourself to Toronto and book a hotel/AirBnb for the weekend of May 18-20. This program is going to be incredibly popular and at the same time, restrictive. The goal is to limit the first cohort of certified instructors to 15, meaning that from the many applicants, we will be choosing the best and most promising 15 applicants to receive the invite to attend.

How much can i charge for the clinics?

All business details related to hosting and running VBT clinics will be shared with the invitees in advance. Suffice to say, you will be set up to succeed as long as you put in the work.


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