Te Thomas Junior

Lead Physiotherapist of Sportsline 

 “Sports medicine brings better health and quality of life to every human being.” is what Thomas believes in. That is the reason he chooses Food & Nutritional Science and Sports Science at the University of Hong Kong as his first degree. Thomas worked as a personal trainer and running coach before his further education to become a physiotherapist. The medical knowledge provided by the physiotherapy program with his experience in training and coaching supported with nutritional planning had bring success to a lot of client. Thomas has the experience in providing rehabilitation/injury prevention/health and fitness enhancement services to different population including professional athlete, amateur athlete and the general population. “Helping an old man after back surgery to hike again with his daughter is as important as assisting a team to get the champion.” That’s why he joined Sportsline, aiming to bring the top sports medicine to Asia and to let the general public to assess such services.


Academic background:

  • Bachelor of Science (Major in Food & Nutritional Science and Sports Science)

  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Physiotherapy


Professional Certification:

  • ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist

  • Certified VBT Instructor

Location: Hong Kong, Taiwan, China

Languages: English, Chinese

Rami Alhamad