Dr. Kimitake Sato

Dr. Kimitake (Kimi) Sato, is a CEO of Peak Force, provides training, education, and consulting services for sport performance, health & fitness, and technology. Peak Force serves China Olympic teams and other teams and organizations via English to enhance language ability in Asia. Dr. Sato has spent 8 years as an academic professor at East Tennessee State University to serve as an international relation coordinator and also a high performance coach. He is an active researcher, published over 50 peer-review articles, and over 20 international presentations on bilateral asymmetry in sport as well as sport training and testing technology validation. Dr. Sato has served as a board member of international Society of Biomechanics in Sports (ISBS) where he has served as a chair of organizing committee for 2014 ISBS conference. In 2015, he received prestigious Hans Gros Emerging Researcher award from ISBS.

Locations: Taiwan, China, Japan (and most of Asia)

Languages: English, Japanese

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