Yannik Morin

Yannik Morin is a strength and conditioning coach based in Québec, Canada. As an athlete, Yannik won Natural Mr. Universe in Las Vegas in 1998 and competed at the 2002 Salt-Lake-City Olympic in 2-man Bobsleigh. He is a 5 times Canadian champion in Track Cycling, as well as a multiple times medalist at the Pan Am Championship. Morin has over 23 years of professional experience under his belt and had been working with Canada’s best athletes from many disciplines. He has a diploma in Physical Preparation and Evaluation from Poitiers University(France) and currently studying High Performance Coaching and Technical Leadership at the University of British Columbia. He is known to be innovative, creative and excellent at transferring information that is up to date and ready to use. He is working with several coaches to develop the best athletes in both summer and winter sports for the upcoming Olympics.

Location: Quebec, Canada

Languages: French, English

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