Squat (160 kg x 8-reps) velocities with Push on Friday Dec. 2 - 2016 in Chile

Found a gym in Vina del Mar, Chile and here are the velocities from my top set of 8-reps on the squat with 160 kg today! First rep average velocity was 0.49 m/s, which is about usual for me with this weight and typically occurs with ~ 80% 1RM for me.  Last rep was 0.43 m/s, which for high reps for me designates an RPE of 8.5 or so (my high-rep, max effort velocity is ~ 0.32 m/s and my 1-RM velocity is 0.25 m/s).  However, considering I have been doing so much travelling of late, with limited opportunities to lift, I was happy to get that!

Dan Baker